TCM Seasonal Attunement for Winter


Brrrr! The cold just makes you want to curl up under the covers with a cup of tea. Winter is very yin in nature. Living in harmony with winter yields many health benefits. It is a time of restoration, hibernation, and receptivity.

Let’s face it - when it’s January you can’t be acting like its summer time! You might get sick.

So what does it mean to be seasonally attuned? It means living in alignment with the energetic shifts of each season for optimal & preventative health.

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Immune Mastery For Kids!


When your child grows - so does their immune system!

Not surprisingly, their immunity is impacted by many of the same factors that influence our adult immune systems. You have probably heard that kids are supposed to play, get dirty, and be exposed to germs throughout their development. Remember, germs are not the enemy!

As a parent, you would do anything to protect your child from sickness because it is so hard to see them uncomfortable. But being afraid of germs…

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How to Lower Your Toxic Load (and Why You Should Care)


What is “toxic load?” It’s not meant to scare you!

Toxic load is the accumulation of harmful substances within the body from a variety of sources. So where do toxins come from?

-external environment
-internal environment
-personal care products
-medications. name just a FEW!

Toxins are not always visible but don't be afraid. The more you know the more you can make informed decisions. 

Your body has entire sy…

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How to Fortify Your Immune System So Sickness Doesn't Scare You 


When you hear “immune system” the first thing you probably think of is sickness. The immune system’s job is to fight pathogens and keep us healthy. In Western medicine there is a focus on disease treatment and less on prevention.

But do you only think about immune function as it relates to only sickness?

Chinese medicine perspective on immunity focuses on a person’s constitutional strength versus the strength of a pathogen. In TCM the Wei Qi is the defensive qi, ass…

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