TCM Seasonal Attunement for Winter


Brrrr! The cold just makes you want to curl up under the covers with a cup of tea. Winter is very yin in nature. Living in harmony with winter yields many health benefits. It is a time of restoration, hibernation, and receptivity.

Let’s face it - when it’s January you can’t be acting like its summer time! You might get sick.

So what does it mean to be seasonally attuned? It means living in alignment with the energetic shifts of each season for optimal & preventative health.

“Harmony with the seasons is second nature to the balanced person”

One of the foundational texts of acupuncture, Huangdi Neijing - Inner Canon of the Yellow Emperor, is almost entirely focused around noticing patterns of health according to the seasons

If you have issues with knee/lower back pain, hearing loss, hair loss, dental issues, low libido, infertility, excessive fear & insecurity you might have an imbalance in the meridian systems that relate to winter - the Kidney and Bladder. So how does Chinese Medicine bring us closer to nature and living with the seasons?

Nutrition, lifestyle, activity levels, and acupuncture can all bring you into alignment with the energetic properties of the season. I can’t stress enough how winter is a time of rest. To keep healthy during the winter keep your low back protected and warm. Always wear slippers and socks. Focus on eating warm, cooked meals. This is not the time for a cold salad or frigid ice cream. Warm stews, hearty grains, black and kidney beans, and black sesame are all essential winter staples.

Remember the goal is to work with nature. So learning how to adapt to winter can yield many health benefits and also bring peace to the coldest months of the year. “Just because men do not like the cold, Heaven will not stop the winter.” - Chinese Proverb

Want to learn more about living in harmony with the winter time? My TCM Seasonal Attunement for Winter Masterclass features a deep dive into attuning to winter and a recipe book for winter eats!


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