If your child has a health problem that is not being well managed with Western treatment, or you are seeking a more natural model of healing and wellness for your child, pediatric acupuncture can be a great fit!

We believe that each child deserves to be treated as a unique individual. We strive to identify the root of your child's health issues and develop a comprehensive treatment plan that addresses the cause of the imbalance, as well as the symptoms it creates.


Acupuncture works well for the following conditions:

  • ear and sinus infections
  • allergies (food and seasonal)
  • asthma
  • digestive issues, constipation, diarrhea, colic
  • bronchitis, colds, flu, cough
  • growing pains and sports injuries
  • eczema, rashes, hives
  • anxiety, ADD/ADHD. autism
  • bedwetting & sleep disorders
  • chronic illness
  • irritability/moodiness
Connected Healing

“I cannot say enough about Chinese Medicine. Our son has been constipated for weeks. One session with Caitria and within minutes of it ending, he has had a bowel movement. The patience, devotion, and love she has for her job is apparent in every session.”

Connected Healing

“Since we have started bringing our son to work with Caitria, we have had so many people comment on the improved clarity in his speech. He is talking way more now than ever before. I definitely believe that Chinese Medicine has helped him so much in a relatively short amount of time”

Connected Healing

“My daughter had been under the weather with a cough for a couple of weeks, so I brought her to see Caitria for acupuncture. The next day, her teacher emailed me saying she seemed to be feeling much better! The treatment totally did the trick to break up the congestion and phlegm in her chest.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Won't my child be afraid of the needles?

Children are often unsure or fearful of needles due to painful or traumatic experiences with shots or blood draws. Thankfully, pediatric acupuncture needles are hair-thin and provide virtually no pain sensation. They are so different from the average person's perception of a needle, that we use a different word to describe them. We call them "taps". This refers to the tapping/rubbing done to stimulate the acupuncture point, as well as the quick tap motion used to insert the needle.

Are there other treatment options besides needles?

We offer a variety of non-needle techniques for treatment, including laser stimulation of acupuncture points, acupressure, ear seeds, micro-current stimulation, and tui na (Chinese meridian massage). At your child's first appointment, we demonstrate the "taps" and ask the child if they'd like to try one. Typically after having the process explained and shown to them, children are open to trying it out. Since building your child's trust is of utmost importance, if they say they are not ready to try a "tap", we respect their wishes and move on to non-needle treatment options.

Can my child still take medications and receive other care?

Absolutely. Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine work to stimulate the body's natural healing abilities and restore balance throughout the body. You can safely receive other treatment while receiving acupuncture. Chinese Medicine works synergistically with other healing modalities like chiropractic, massage, homeopathy, and energy healing as well.

How can my child receive guidance and care if I live far away from the clinic?

Connected Healing offers one on one remote sessions to determine the root of your child's health issues and customize a plan for healing.

You can expect your child's healing program to include:

  • dietary shifts (as necessary)
  • Chinese herbal medicine & natural remedies
  • preventative health guidance
  • education about your child's condition from a Chinese medicine perspective
  • acupressure & AcuPatching protocols for home treatment 

Non-Needle Treatment Tools


This tool is a favorite among our pediatric patients. They call it the "blinky light". It uses a gentle micro current of electricity to provide painless stimulation of acupoints.


 Laser Acupuncture

Light therapy is incredibly effective for stimulation of acupuncture points, and kids love the blue and red light!


Application of phototherapy (light therapy) patches to acupuncture points for therapeutic purposes. Sometimes we even put animal stickers on top of patches to make them extra cool for kids!

Connected Healing

“I started bringing my 3 year old son to Caitria in June. In the previous 10 months he had had 23 upper respiratory infections, 3 GI viral illnesses, 14 bouts of croup, 9 rounds of oral steroids, and worsening asthma with increased inhaler use. He had extremely picky eating, lots of meltdowns, was diagnosed with autism, and was behind his peers, and regressing. In that time he saw 9 different specialists and was going to OT and ST. He was sick far more than he was well; he was miserable and our family was miserable too. The doctors answered my questions with "this is normal for his age" and here are more drugs to try.
When we came to see Caitria, I was fed up, desperate and skeptical, but hopeful. She immediately made me and my son feel at ease. She has such a calm and soothing demeanor. And when none of the doctors could figure out what was wrong, Caitria knew right away what was going on with him. We started treatments and slowly but surely we started seeing improvements. First, he made it through an illness without requiring as many inhalers. Next he stayed well for 4 weeks straight! Then I noticed changes in his behavior; he was having fewer meltdowns. He started wanting to do things on his own like dressing himself and brushing his own teeth. His eating has now improved too; he's trying foods without having meltdowns and even finding that he likes new foods. He has been in school for 5 weeks and he has only been sick twice, and only missed 2 days of school! We aren't using ANY inhalers! And lastly, he has made so much progress that he graduated from his special ed 4k class and moved to the typical developing 4k class! I know for a fact that Cason would not be where he is right now if we hadn't started seeing Caitria and done acupuncture treatments and homeopathy (as recommended and directed by Caitria). I cannot say enough how thankful I am that we found her and I recommend her to any and everyone! She is amazing and will always hold a special place in our hearts. ”