Immune Mastery For Kids!


When your child grows - so does their immune system!

Not surprisingly, their immunity is impacted by many of the same factors that influence our adult immune systems. You have probably heard that kids are supposed to play, get dirty, and be exposed to germs throughout their development. Remember, germs are not the enemy!

As a parent, you would do anything to protect your child from sickness because it is so hard to see them uncomfortable. But being afraid of germs…

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Navigating Mental Health Naturally

What are your emotions telling you about your life and your body?

When your emotions arise - how do you respond? Mental health is becoming more discussed and destigmatized. Chinese Medicine is a profound system that considers the emotional, mental, and spiritual components of the whole person when diagnosing and treating. Chinese medicine looks at the quality of the emotions and ties them to both nature and the human.

Did you know that anger is associated with the spring? It …

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