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 Do you leave the doctor's office with more questions than when you walked in?

Have you or your child fallen through the cracks of the Western Medical model?

Have you "tried it all" and feel like you have nothing to show for it? 

Do any of these sound familiar? 

  • Your lab results are "normal", but you struggle with debilitating pain, irregular periods, acne, & stress
  • You're dependent on medication or birth control to manage symptoms, but even that isn't really working
  • You get the sense that your doctor is out of ideas
  • The doctor's advice was to wait & hope your child "grows out of it"
  • You're worried that your child is only going to get worse
  • Watching them struggle day in and day out is taking its toll on you

Has your gut been telling you there has to be a better way?


Guess were right all along.

Heal Your Symptoms AND the Root Cause with Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine


We'll use our proven process of whole body healing to get you back to living life to the fullest.

Women's Health

Painful Periods - Infertility - PCOS - Endometriosis - PMS - Menopause - Pregnancy - Postpartum Care

Mental Health

Anxiety - Depression - Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - Chronic Stress - Panic Attacks - Seasonal Affective Disorder


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ADHD- Ear Infection - Constipation - Sleep Issues - Eczema - Colic - Vaccination Support - Asthma


Meet Caitria Thiele, L.Ac.

Acupuncturist, Herbalist, & Founder of Connected Healing

"As a licensed acupuncturist & Chinese Medicine practitioner, I partner with patients on a healing mission to find the root cause of their illness; and restore their optimal health through acupuncture, Chinese herbs, nutrition therapy, and lifestyle shifts.

It is my mission to support YOU and your family in any way that I can. I encourage you to explore the site, as it is full of valuable information & tools for true healing."

  • Connected Healing

    “I've been seeing Caitria for various ailments that have come up throughout my pregnancy and it has been extremely helpful! Most recently, I walked in with 8/10 hip & pelvic pain and left at a 2 or less.”

  • Connected Healing

    “My whole life I have struggled with muscle tightness all over my body along with anxiety, trouble sleeping, and severe migraines. Since I became pregnant, it had gotten much worse. Since my first appointment, I sleep better than I ever have, my body feels more energized and comfortable, and I haven't had any migraines. I plan on continuing with acupuncture treatment with Caitria throughout my pregnancy and post pregnancy to keep improving my body's health.”

  • Connected Healing

    “I cannot say enough about Chinese Medicine. Our son has been constipated for weeks. One session with Caitria and within minutes of it ending, he has had a bowel movement. The patience, devotion, and love she has for her job is apparent in every session. I also see Caitria regularly for treatments, and can attest to the incredible work she does.”

  • Connected Healing

    “I received treatment for shoulder pain due to a horse-related injury, and it totally worked. I have been pain-free since! ”

  • Connected Healing

    “Since we have started bringing our son to work with Caitria, we have had so many people comment on the improved clarity in his speech. He is talking way more now than ever before. I definitely believe that Chinese Medicine has helped him so much in a relatively short amount of time.”

  • Connected Healing

    “I slept through the night for the first time in over a month after my most recent acupuncture treatment. I am so thankful!”

  • Connected Healing

    “Before acupuncture, my endometriosis pain was a constant burden. Now, most of my days are pain free!”

Ways to Work with Caitria

In Person Treatment

Schedule a treatment in the clinic, located in Franklin, WI. Caitria sees patients of all ages, but specializes in pediatrics; particularly those with chronic health issues.


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Caitria works with clients all over the country in virtual sessions that include a detailed individualized protocol with a combination of effective healing can heal at any distance.


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Online Courses

Caitria has created online course designed just for people like you, who want to integrate natural health into their lives in their own way & on their own time.


Online Masterclasses

Online Schedule for Existing Patients