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 Do you leave the doctor's office with more questions than when you walked in?

Have you fallen through the cracks of the Western Medical model?

Have you "tried it all" and feel like you have nothing to show for it? 


Do any of these sound familiar?  

- Your lab results are "normal", but you struggle daily with symptoms that affect your quality of life

- You've seen multiple doctors and are no closer to getting answers or relief

- Your physical/mental health keeps you from living life the way you want to

- Your doctor has told you "you'll just have to live with it"

- You're looking for an option besides prescription medications or invasive surgery

- You're beginning to wonder if you'll ever feel like yourself again

Has your gut been telling you there has to be a better way,

and that the answer has to be out there somewhere?


Guess what.....you were right all along.

Heal Your Symptoms AND the Root Cause

with Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine


We'll use our proven process of whole body healing to get you back to living life to the fullest.


Painful Periods - Infertility - PCOS - Endometriosis - PMS - Menopause - Pregnancy - Postpartum Care - Irregular Cycles - Low Ovarian Reserve - High FSH - PPD/PPA - Low Libido- Thyroid Issues - IVF/IUI Support


Anxiety - Depression - Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - Chronic Stress - Panic Attacks - Seasonal Affective Disorder - Lack of Focus - Lack of Motivation/Drive - ADD/ADHD




Back Pain - Neck Pain - Headaches - Migraines - Joint Pain -  Arthritis - Neuropathy - Carpal Tunnel - Sciatica  Plantar Fasciitis - Tendonitis - Knee Pain - Hip Pain - Shoulder Pain 


Meet Caitria Thiele, L.Ac.

Acupuncturist, Herbalist, & Founder of Connected Healing

"As a licensed acupuncturist & Chinese Medicine practitioner, I partner with patients on a healing mission to find the root cause of their illness; and restore their optimal health through acupuncture, Chinese herbs, nutrition therapy, and lifestyle shifts.

I founded Connected Healing as a manifestation of the way that I feel ALL healthcare should be...... personalized, professional, and root-cause focused. It is my intention to provide hope, support, and true healing to my community, and each member of the Connected Healing team shares this vision with me."

  • Connected Healing

    “When I first visited, I suffered from vision problems, dizziness, anxiety, mood disorders, the list felt infinite. I now live freely and effortlessly present. I have suffered emotionally & physically since being a toddler but Caitria set me free from my chains. I now get to enjoy life. I am eternally grateful.”

  • Connected Healing

    “Acupuncture has been the best decision of my life, and there is no one else I would trust to do acupuncture for me than Caitria…I’ve always wanted to be the kind of Dad to my kids that I could be proud of…and now I KNOW that I can be because of how I feel. I keep feeling better and better.”

  • Connected Healing

    “I’m so grateful for how you listened to me and never gave up until I got relief.”

  • Connected Healing

    “Alyssa is wonderful and knowledgeable. She listens to what is going on and helps to correct the mistakes my body is having.”

  • Connected Healing

    “Caitria has helped me way more than any other acupuncture provider in the past. She truly looks for ways to help her clients holistically and develop an individualized treatment plan. Thank you!”

  • Connected Healing

    “Alyssa has a gentle technique, and I was very comfortable. She treated me for insomnia, and I slept through the entire night that night and finally felt rested in the morning!”

  • Connected Healing

    “Acupuncture is the only thing that has helped the chronic pain I have from multiple surgeries (including spinal fusion). My quality of life has improved tenfold since I have been to Connected Healing.”