How to Lower Your Toxic Load (and Why You Should Care)


What is “toxic load?” It’s not meant to scare you!

Toxic load is the accumulation of harmful substances within the body from a variety of sources. So where do toxins come from?

-external environment
-internal environment
-personal care products
-medications. name just a FEW!

Toxins are not always visible but don't be afraid. The more you know the more you can make informed decisions. 

Your body has entire systems that are designed to handle toxins and pathogens. You can trust your body's wisdom and it's ability to handle itself. But since we are exposed to more toxins than ever in human history it is also our job to support our body’s natural detoxification and eliminatory functions.

The best way to support your natural detoxification process is not through gimmicky juice cleanses, detox pills or tea. Once again - these products prey on your fears that you are toxic. Nothing could be further from the truth. You are not toxic. You don't need a juice cleanse to "become clean." Just like one day of exercise isn’t enough to get back into health - a 3 day juice cleanse isn’t going to fix your problems. It is about developing a lifelong commitment to understanding where toxins are from and making practical, realistic daily choices.

Try the three A’s are practical guidelines for lowering your toxic load:

Avoid: what harmful substances can you realistically avoid

Adjust: exposures that you can’t completely avoid

Accept: that some things are out of your control

The bottom line is that there are a myriad of simple and effective ways to audit your lifestyle for toxins, proactively reduce exposure, and support your body’s natural detoxification pathways.

Want to learn how to evaluate your own toxic burden? Acupressure for detoxification? Strategies for lowering your toxic load that you can start TODAY? Check out my How to Lower Your Toxic Load (& Why You Should Care) Masterclass.


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