Immune Mastery For Kids!


When your child grows - so does their immune system!

Not surprisingly, their immunity is impacted by many of the same factors that influence our adult immune systems. You have probably heard that kids are supposed to play, get dirty, and be exposed to germs throughout their development. Remember, germs are not the enemy!

As a parent, you would do anything to protect your child from sickness because it is so hard to see them uncomfortable. But being afraid of germs won’t solve that problem. It is more important to consider the factors (stress, diet, sleep, antibiotics and more) that create your child’s immunity.

Nutrition plays a key role in fortifying your child’s immune system. Remember to avoid sugar, process foods, dairy, and excess cold/raw food.

In Chinese Medicine the immune system is governed by the Spleen, Lung, and Kidney. Each has their role in immune function. The Spleen rules digestive function and uses energy from nutritive Qi to power everything. The Lung corresponds to the Wei Qi and is the defensive “layer” that protects us from pathogens. The Kidney holds the essence, original qi, and relates to vitality and our DNA.

Your child will get sick. It is inevitable. It is important for their immune system to develop and become accustom to germs. Remember when caring for a sick kid avoid jumping to feeding eat/processed foods. Don't send them to school - it will only add stress to their systems and prolong the illness!

To learn more about immune mastery for kids and acupressure for keeping them healthy Check out the Immune Mastery for Kids Masterclass


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