Optimizing Digestion with Traditional Chinese Medicine


Digestive health is always a hot topic. With new information coming out every day about what trendy foods to include in your diet - it can be difficult to navigate the endless options at the grocery store. The Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective on nutrition relies on tried-and-true traditions of food as medicine. Diet culture is SOLD to us and does not have true, vibrant health at the center of its motive. Their marketing is designed to pinpoint your pain (sluggish digestion, low energy, fatigue, issues with bowel movement) and sell you their catch-all product. But we can dig deeper than band-aid products.

Optimal digestion looks different for everyone. Ever notice how your friend seems to drink smoothies every day, unbothered? But when you drink one you feel sick and chilled to the bone? According to Chinese medicine - there is a time and place for all types of food based on the thermic nature of foods. It relates to your body’s unique constitution, the climate you are in, and the seasons. The properties of food are Hot, Warm, Cool, and Cold.

Which do you think is more appropriate for summer: cold, crunchy salads or a hot, rich stew?

Which do you think is more appropriate for winter: hearty and rich proteins or iced coffee?

TCM also focuses on the correspondence of the 5 flavors for digestive function. The 5 flavors are Salty, Sour, Bitter, Sweet, and Pungent.

Each flavor has a seasonal and elemental correspondence. Each flavor has healing properties designed to balance your system. Food is medicinal and can be added or subtracted to create an effect. Have you ever felt confused and overwhelmed by supplements? You’re not alone. Supplements are sometimes appropriate and sometimes not. And many of their desired effects can be achieved through optimizing your digestive health.

To learn more about eating with the seasons, the energetic properties of food, how to optimize digestion, and how to make informed decisions about supplements check out my Optimizing Digestive Health with TCM Masterclass


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