My Secret Weapon for Stress Relief

Stress is everywhere, every day. We are learning more and more about the detrimental health effects that result from living under chronic high stress and as a result, more and more people are seeking tools for stress management. If you've ever come in for an acupuncture treatment with me, you already KNOW how acupuncture can melt away your stress. My favorite stress relief tool for those who don't or cant receive acupuncture (due to location, cost barriers, or other circumstances), or those who need additional support in between treatments is a phototherapy patch protocol. 

How do phototherapy patches work?

Phototherapy patches are placed acupuncture points to stimulate them for up to 24 hours, which translates to major healing benefits. The patches are wearable technology that use LIGHT to induce biochemical and physiological changes in the body without any chemical or pharmaceutical intervention. For more information on how the patches work, click HERE

Stress Relief Patching Protocol

For this protocol, you need one Aeon patch and one SP6 patch. You'll place the Aeon patch behind your right ear, and the SP6 patch behind your left ear. The Aeon patch helps to reduce inflammation and stress as well as balance the autonomic nervous system. The SP6 patch helps with hormone balance and balances the hypothalamus, which then regulates the autonomic nervous system. Regulating the autonomic nervous system means creating balance between sympathetic and parasympathetic function (fight/flight/freeze vs. rest/digest/heal). Stress keeps you stuck in a sympathetic-dominant state, and this patching protocol helps you to shift out of that state.

Patches can remain in place for 24 hours. Drink a full glass of water before placing your patches, as hydration is very important to their function. Continue to hydrate throughout the day and until you remove your patches (and ideally for the rest of your life - hydration is key for optimal health in so many ways!


How to order patches


The most cost effective way to order Lifewave phototherapy patches is by opening a wholesale account (click here to sign up). There are several options for doing this. You'll find a blog post HERE with all the info you'll need to get started with ordering your patches.



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