Understand & Align With Your Menstrual Cycle


This may come as a shock to you but discomfort and pain during your menstrual phase is common but it is NOT NORMAL.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine your period is a vital sign. Pain, discomfort, emotional disturbances are a clue about what is out of balance.

A licensed Acupuncturist helps you get to the bottom of your symptoms. We don't gloss over the fact that you are doubled over with cramps, cry monthly from frustration, or have an entire week of heavy, clotty period. This is diagnostic information that should not be missed!

Just because it's common doesn’t mean we have to accept it.

Each part of your menstrual phase has a correspondence in TCM and is governed by the interdependencies of Yin and Yang.

Consider lifestyle factors that affect your period. Diet, sleep, screen time, and xenoestrogen exposure impact your period. Luckily there are natural strategies you can use to balance your hormones.

Try using water filtration, healing the gut, eating meals at regular intervals, and caffeine reduction. Check out my masterclass How To Lower Your Toxic Load (And Why You Should Care) for more information on safe period products.

Period problems are often lumped under one umbrella. Doctors are very quick to prescribe hormonal birth control to tamper the symptoms. But there are countless strategies that can be integrated BEFORE strong interventions like modulating your hormones.

Interested in getting to the bottom of your cycles? Want to stop dreading your period? Want acupressure for period relief? Looking for no-BS strategies to balance hormones?

Check out 
How to Understand & Align With Your Menstrual Cycle Masterclass


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