Easing into Autumn...Advice from an Acupuncturist

The change of seasons can be a tough time health-wise for lots of people, if they are not prepared and proactive about their self care. In Chinese medicine, the season of Fall is related to the lungs energetically. This means that physical issues relating to the lungs, such as colds, cough, weak immune function, or even bronchitis can arise. This also means that emotional releases of grief or "letting go" may come up for us as we shift into Fall energy.

From a Chinese medicine perspective, the chilly winds that blow the leaves from the trees can also carry pathogens into our bodies, and cause chronic pain to worsen, or new aches to arise. The beauty of knowing these things, is that we can prepare and support our bodies to ensure a more graceful and easeful transition! First of all, an easy and important tip: protect your neck!!! In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), the neck is called the "wind gate". If not protected with a scarf, hat, coat, and/or hood, the neck is vulnerable to winds that carry pathogens into the body. We have all experienced this at one time or another, where we have been outside in windy weather without a coat, and afterwards feel achy or "chilled to the bone", and then wake up sick the next day! So, remember your scarf when you head outside!

Here are some self care practices to consider this fall for immune system support and maximum health:

  • Book an appointment with an acupuncturist to support your lungs, boost your immune system, or heal from a cold/bug
  • Eat seasonal foods like onion, ginger, garlic, sweet potato, and squash (all varieties)
  • Support your immune system with elderberry syrup (easy DIY recipe link here)
  • Consider raising your dosage of (whole food based, bioavailable) Vitamin B(12 or a B complex), C, and D for immune boosting and mood regulating 
    • ***If you would like some direction or suggestions for quality vitamin and supplement choices, contact me!
  • Steer clear of processed sugar and dairy products that will feed pathogens and weaken your immune system
  • Devote some time to a mindfulness practice with the intention of letting go in accordance with the energy of the Earth 
  • Soak in a bathtub with epsom salts to soothe inflamed or achy joints/muscles

*Keep in mind, this list is a great place to start, but there are TONS of other ways to support your body that are specific to your individual needs. I would love to assist in this process in any way that I can! 


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