Put an End to Your Sweet Cravings FOR GOOD!!!

Coming into the season of Christmas cookies and baked goods EVERYWHERE.....I am SO excited to have discovered a fabulous blend of herbs called Sweet Change. I heard several rave reviews about it before I was finally moved to try it out myself, and boy was I glad I did!!! Sweet Change was created to help eliminate cravings, support blood sugar levels, detoxify the liver, combat stress eating, and calm the mind!!! Doesn't that just sound like a holiday life-saver!!!! Not only will this be a great addition to your life, but it also makes a wonderful gift for your sister with a sweet tooth, or your friend who is making a New Year's resolution to eat healthier. 

Lets talk about taste. The blend of herbs in Sweet Change are bitter by design, on par with the  wisdom of Chinese Medicine. Different tastes and flavors have specific effects on the organs in the human body. The flavor and tastes of a food, spice, or herb help to determine the therapeutic effect.  For more info about how Sweet Change helps to re-balance the flavor spectrum of the American diet, click here. Basically, Sweet Change provides a flavor that is missing from the average diet, and makes it easier to make healthier, fresher food choices. To me, the bitter taste was very palatable, didn't linger on the tongue, and I even noticed a hint of  a maple syrup aftertaste :) 

After implementing Sweet Change into my daily routine, I noticed myself having way less interest in both sweet and salty treats that before would have tempted me. The batch of brownies on the counter at Grandma's house didn't even make me think twice. The herb blend was created for food cravings, but people have also been having luck with using it to curb other negative habits like smoking or alcohol over-consumption.

I can't wait to hear YOUR success stories about this amazing herb!!!

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