My Secret Weapon for Teething...

As a first time mom, I remember hearing lots of horror stories about teething. No sleep, endless crying, and not much can be done to help. Being an advocate for natural medicine, I certainly wasn't going to reach for Orajel or another over the counter product, but I also wasn't willing to accept misery as my only other option. I began researching, and came across Tender Teeth, a Chinese herbal formula for teething. OH MY GOD AM I GLAD I DID SOME RESEARCH!!! This stuff is a literal lifesaver. The first day my daughter showed signs of teething, I began giving her a few doses of Tender Teeth every day. After a couple weeks, I was thinking to myself, "Man, teething really isn't so bad."

The following week, however, I found out just how bad it can be. I left the herbs at a friend's house after a visit (curse you, postpartum brain!!!) and a few days later, my daughter woke up fitful, cranky, and drooling. She did not nap, she did not play, she did not do anything but whine and beg to be held. By late afternoon, she was exhausted and I was exasperated. I decided then and there, I was not going to risk a sleepless night. I loaded the car and off we went to retrieve the forgotten bottle of herbs. Not fifteen minutes after dosing her, my daughter was smiling, cooing, and acting like her happy little self again. 

I share this story so hopefully you can learn a few things from it.

1) Teething doesn't have to suck
2) There is a natural way to give your child relief from teething
3) Chinese herbs are THE BOMB

And BONUS....they are very affordable as well. If you'd like to find out more about the healing power of herbs for your little ones, contact me at, or fill out a new patient request form HERE.


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