How to Stay Healthy This Fall

A change of season is a time of great importance in Chinese Medicine. We are going from hot, external, expansive, yang energy to cool, internal, yin energy. In Autumn, the Lung and Large Intestine are the organs that are energetically affected. This can manifest as a weakened immune system, cough, colds, allergies, depression, or constipation. If you find yourself noticing these symptoms coming up as the season shifts, come on in for a tune-up treatment to help your body re-balance and adjust to the new seasonal energy. 

Tips to Align with Autumn's Seasonal Energy:

  • Wear a scarf when outside! The nape of your neck, called your "wind gate" needs protection from the cool winds of autumn, which are known for bringing external pathogens into the body.
  • BREATHE: Take time in the crisp, fresh air and focus on deep breathing to invigorate the lungs
  • Eat for the season: bring seasonal foods like apples, squash, and sweet potato into your diet. Cook with warming spices/herbs like ginger and garlic.
  • Notice emotions and allow yourself to let go. Just as the trees shed their leaves in the fall, we may feel emotions coming to the surface to be processed and shed. Grief, in particular, may show up in Autumn as it is the emotion of the Lung. 
  • In keeping with the theme of letting go, pick a day or weekend to re-organize, clean out your closet, and donate items that no longer bring you joy.
  • Schedule your tune up treatment!!! I would love to assist you with any of these areas where you may need support, whether it be emotional release, immune support, or a pesky cough.

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