My Child is Sick… Now What?

Kids get sick. That’s just a fact of life. So what can we do as parents to support and nurture our children’s bodies as they work hard to heal? Here’s a list of some do’s and don’ts for when sickness strikes.

  • Remove all processed sugar from diet
    • Why: Sugar feeds pathogens, so by removing sugar you lessen the ability for the sickness to proliferate.
  • Remove all dairy from diet
    • Why: Dairy creates dampness, or mucus, in the body. Removing dairy will reduce congestion and inflammation in the body.
  • Increase water intake
    • Why: The general rule of thumb is ½ body weight in ounces, so when sick, even more than that is great!
  • Encourage downtime and extra sleep
    • Why: sleep is the time when our body can do it’s most powerful healing and detoxifying. The more rest and sleep a person gets when sick, the faster they will recover.
  • Shift diet to contain more liquids; soups, broths, smoothies, teas
    • Why: A liquid based diet is much easier to digest, so more of the body’s precious energy can be devoted to the immune response. Often the appetite will decrease during an illness anyway, so this is a very easy and natural shift to make in most cases.
  • Begin or increase healing protocol of herbs and supplements (each one is a clickable link to the product that I recommend)

Need additional support?
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