How Your Child's Emotions are Linked to Digestion

Western medicine is beginning to realize what Chinese medicine has known for thousands of years....that unprocessed emotions and stress are reflected in the physical body. Chronic disease in adults can often be traced back to roots in unprocessed trauma, grief, fear, and stress.

When it comes to children, it’s possible to catch these patterns early. Children will often act out or become inconsolable when they are in digestive distress. We know this is true of colicky infants. We also know this happens when kids are “sugared up” after a birthday party or perhaps a day at grandma’s house. The Spleen, responsible for digestion and absorption of nutrients in Chinese medicine, can easily becomes weakened by poor diet, over-nutrition (eating too much), antibiotics and other medical interventions, perceived stress, and more!

Placing focus on nutrition and digestive health in children will reap enormous benefits for LIFE (including increased focus, balanced energy levels AND mood, improved sleep, and stronger immune function).

If you feel your child could benefit from some digestive support, and want to know more about what that might look like, click here to fill out a new patient consult request with Caitria.


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