How to ALIGN with the Life YOU Desire for Your Family

I had a thought today. (Fair warning, this gets a little woo woo toward the get ready 💫)

I often hear parents say things like:

🥦My child will NOT eat vegetables.
☕️I could never get my daughter to drink tea.
🧘🏻‍♀️Sitting still for any length of time just isn’t possible for my son.

All of these are beliefs that we as parents have, on some level, accepted as truth.

My thought today was this: What if we could DECIDE to make something else true?

In asking this question, I already know the answer because I’ve seen it unfold countless times. I’ve seen parents DECIDE to shift what is true for their families over and over again.

I’ve seen a child go from complete unwillingness to be touched for a treatment; to walking in, taking their shoes and socks off, and offering me their feet for acupressure. I’ve seen a child go from daily hyper-energy; to mom telling me “I can’t remember the last time he was hyper.” I’ve had moms come in and tell me their picky eater gets excited when it’s time to take their herbs.

So how does it happen? It starts by asking some questions. First of all, what have you decided is true about your children? (P.s. this same technique can be applied to relationships, business, personal growth, and essentially anything else).

So... what have you decided is true, whether consciously or unconsciously, for your family??

Once you have your answer, you begin to DECIDE to make something else be true. Ask yourself...what feels better? What feels more aligned with the goals I have for my family? What feels like an expression of our fullest potential?? What feels like a stepping stone on our path to health and wellness?

Then, play around with the limiting beliefs and resistance that are holding you in alignment with the OLD thought pattern.

And finally...ENVISION the NEW belief as if it were already true. What would it look and feel like? What would it mean for your child/family/you? Get clear and comfortable there, in that new reality you have just created.


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