Six Ways to Make a Smooth Shift into Spring

We have moved through the deep, nurturing, restful energy that Winter brings and now are shifting to the expansive, driving push that comes with Spring. We see this upward and outward energetic movement reflected in the flowers that bloom straight through the snow. This same energy is at play within our bodies too, affecting our Liver and Gallbladder organ systems most strongly. Symptoms like irritability, PMS, depression, anger, headache, high blood pressure, tendon injury, bloating, reflux, and eye issues all are indicative of Liver/Gallbladder disharmony and may pop up in Springtime.

Here are some strategies and lifestyle shifts to help you harmonize with the expansive energy of Spring:

  • GET INTENTIONAL about moving your qi, especially if you are feeling irritable or angry (as this is a major sign of Liver qi stagnation-stuck/sluggish energy). Take walks in the crisp fresh air, join a gym, or commit to a yoga class. Stretching is particularly beneficial in spring, because Liver stores and releases blood to nourishes the tendons. 
  • Eat GREEN! Cruciferous veggies and leafy produce help to invigorate the body and unblock stuck qi. Fun fact: GREEN is the color associated with the Liver and Gallbladder and the season of Spring in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine)
  • Show Your EYES some LOVE...the Liver blood nourishes the eyes and supports proper function. Ever notice feeling irritable after staring at the computer for too long? This is because that intense eye strain affects your Liver....consider getting some blue light blocking glasses and cutting back on screen time.
  • DRINK dandelion or milk thistle tea/tincture to support your liver's detoxification functions.
  • PRACTICE living with compassion, patience, honesty, and benevolence...the positive attributes of the Liver & Gallbladder.
  • RECEIVE acupuncture treatments and/or start a regimen of Chinese herbs to free-course your Liver qi, avoid stagnation, and balance your emotions. CLICK HERE to schedule an acupuncture appointment or herbal consult.


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