Acu-Patching for Fever


I get questions about fever constantly, and for good reason. Fevers can become serious fast, especially in kids. Chinese medicine looks at a fever as heat (infection/inflammatory response) that needs to be cleared from the body. The points in this protocol are my go-to's for fever because they're great at clearing heat while working WITH the body to address the illness rather than suppressing the body's immune response like an OTC fever medication might. Placing Lifewave phototherapy patches on these points will deliver the benefits of both the acupuncture points and the patches themselves for maximum fever-reducing effect. 

Fever Relief Protocol

 Apply Lifewave patches to each of the points listed below. Replace with a new set of patches after 24 hours of wear. Continue patching until fever has resolved. Hydration is important while wearing patches and during a fever, so encourage lots of water drinking. Check out these recipes for electrolyte replenishing beverages to further support hydration. This protocol is safe and effective for all ages, from infant to adult.


Large Intestine 4 is located in between the thumb and first finger, next to the midpoint of the bone of the first finger.

The point may be tender when pressed on. It is useful for clearing heat, regulating the immune response, releasing a pathogen from the body, It is known for regulating all symptoms of the face/eyes/nose/ears/mouth (congestion, ear infection, teething, eye infection, etc)

***This point should not be stimulated in pregnant women, as it promotes labor.


Large Intestine 11 is located at the end of the crease made by bending the elbow. It is easiest to locate with the elbow bent. It is a very powerful heat clearing point, making it extremely useful for fever.


Govering Vessel 14 (also called DU14) is located on the midline of the body at the base of the neck. It is specifically located in the depression below the 7th cervical vertebrae. DU14 is great at... you guessed it... clearing HEAT! It is wonderful for cold and flu as well and can alleviate symptoms like chills, fever, sore throat, and sweating. 



Patches can be applied directly to the skin, or can be worn on clothing directly over the indicated acupuncture points (i.e. the collar of a shirt for DU14).

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