Affirmations to Neutralize Fear

Our words, thoughts, & beliefs are incredibly powerful. They allow us to remain in control of our state of being.

In this turbulent time, affirmations can be helpful to ground into the reality that you desire, rather than the one being played out in the world.

👏 I am safe

👏 I trust my body

👏 My body is smart

👏 My body is strong

👏 My body is healthy

👏 My body is designed to keep me healthy

👏 I am in control of my thoughts and emotions

👏 I am riding this wave with peace and ease

👏 When I get sick, my body knows what to do

👏 I am the calm within this storm. I release fear with every exhale, I bring in peace with every inhale.

Which one resonates strongest for you?

​Which one do you have the hardest time believing?


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