Seasonal Attunement for Fall

Seasonal attunement is basically the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) version of biohacking.... optimizing your health based on the environment you're in and taking action to prevent common health pitfalls that can arise.

The transition to Autumn can be a particularly tough one to navigate because the main affected organ system is the Lung.... this means immunity, upper respiratory conditions, allergies, etc. may become a problem in this season. With COVID floating around, this topic is more important than ever.

The Seasonal Attunement for Fall masterclass will cover TCM preventative health strategies to safeguard your immune system, boost your Lung/respiratory health, and honor the energy of letting go (physically and emotionally) through intentional lifestyle shifts. We'll talk about what foods to eat and avoid, how to adjust sleep/wake cycles as daylight hours diminish, how to maintain emotional balance, and so much more!

Ready to learn to biohack your way through Autumn the TCM way?


1.You want the TCM take on how to support optimal immune function
2. You're struggling with symptoms associated with Autumn organ system imbalance.... seasonal allergies, cough, asthma, constipation

3. You want to avoid getting sick during "cold & flu season" (P.S. I'll debunk this whole concept)
4. You're feeling weighed down by grief or are struggling to let things go.....a common emotional imbalance connected to Fall


Why Seasonal Attunement?
Humans are the most removed from our natural environment & rhythm today than ever before in history. You can probably feel this in your daily life. And if that doesn't sit right with you then it's time to learn how to live in harmony with the changing seasons.
Chinese Medicine has it figured out- the foundation for the healing is based on the seasons and their corresponding elements. Basically - you CAN'T be at your optimal health UNLESS you're living with the seasons.

Autumnal Nutrition
As the weather cools off you are likely reaching for those seasonal warming spices! PSL anybody? Let's take a closer look at the healing flavors of fall and how to support optimal digestion, elimination, immunity, through nourishing your body well.

Lifestyle Factors
This. Cannot. Be. Overstated. We aren't going to stop at "stress" being a barrier to fertility. We are going to talk about the role of toxic load, nutrition, and emotions and what you can actually DO ABOUT IT!

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