Optimizing Fertility with TCM


Whether you're trying to conceive now or some day in the future - it's never too early to think about encouraging optimal fertility.

Chinese medicine and acupuncture are increasingly popular treatment strategies for proactive fertility as well as managing infertility (and for good reason). Many women diagnosed with "unexplained" infertility have found success with TCM.

Join Caitria for a deep dive into the Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective on fertility. You'll walk away feeling hopeFULL (not hopeless) and EMPOWERED with simple yet powerful strategies you can start putting into practice right away!


-You plan to conceive at any point. Trust me...it's never too early to start preparing (and I'll share my perspective on the best time to do so)
-You're struggling with infertility or recurrent miscarriages & the devastating emotional toll that goes along with this
-You want safe, effective, non-toxic natural health strategies while prepping your body for pregnancy
-You know that lifestyle factors are extremely important for a healthy pregnancy but you're unsure where to start - it's overwhelming!
-You aren't looking for a magic pill that will fix things overnight. Sorry (not sorry), there won't be any gimmicky tricks here... Just an in-depth exploration of natural fertility cultivation


Encouraging Fertility VS Forcing Fertility Traditional Chinese Medicine treats the human, not the condition.  

Don't Stop At "Unexplained Fertility" "Unexplained" shouldn't be the end of the storyLearn how TCM can help!

Lifestyle Factors This. Cannot. Be. Overstated. We aren't going to stop at "stress" being a barrier to fertility. We are going to talk about the role of toxic load, nutrition, and emotions and what you can actually DO ABOUT IT

Top Tips To:

-Improve Egg Quality

-Promote Ovulation

-Decrease miscarriage risk

-Prevent formation of fibroids & cysts

Optimizing Fertility W TCM