How to Manage PCOS with Chinese Medicine

How to Manage PCOS With Chinese Medicine

It is estimated that between 5 to 10 percent of U.S. women of childbearing age have PCOS...are you one of them?

Chinese medicine and acupuncture can have a profound effect on those living with PCOS. The nervous system and endocrine system respond well to natural lifestyle changes which is the heart of Chinese Medicine.

Join Caitria for the Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective on PCOS. Learn how to elevate your lifestyle with healing strategies that actually work.


You've received a PCOS diagnosis from your doctor & been sent on your way without support...but you want to actually understand what's going on within your body

You're ready to go beyond your symptoms to examine & address the root cause of the condition

You struggle with acne, oily skin, irregular body hair, irregular/heavy/light periods, weight gain, ovarian cysts, or infertility and you're ready to do something about it

You are currently managing your PCOS with hormonal birth control or Metformin and you want to learn about other, more natural (& side-effect free) options

You are curious about how to address the mental, emotional & spiritual components of PCOS, and how that's playing a role in your physical symptoms


How Does TCM Define PCOS?

Traditional Chinese Medicine treats the human, not the condition. What that means is that the diagnosis "PCOS" is made up of several different patterns of disharmony. This means there is no one size fits all treatment approach. Caitria will outline commonly associated patterns. When you understand the root cause, you can start to truly heal.

Going Beyond the Rx...

If you are prescribed hormonal birth control or Metformin for PCOS - this one is for you. Don't worry! There is nothing inherently wrong with taking these medicines if you feel they're serving you well. But let's dig a bit deeper and examine how the medicines are helping versus where they are simply masking symptoms.  

Quick Wins! 

Approaching PCOS requires examining and shifting many lifestyle factors to promote optimal wellness. We'll cover long-term shifts you can make to work your way toward symptom relief and root cause healing. But sometimes you're totally in a pinch and you need relief NOW! The class will include easy-to-implement strategies you can start right away!

Acupressure Support

Tried and true... You can use acupressure anywhere. Learn all the methods for short and long term symptom relief and a la carte treatment!

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