Seasonal Attunement for Spring

This month's masterclass is all about supporting your inner rhythms, understanding the natural detoxification process and prioritizing liver health.

Why liver? In TCM the liver organ is associated with the spring! So this is the perfect time to learn lifestyle habits to prevent common springtime ailments. 

Join Caitria for the Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective on the mind/body/spirit changes associated with Springtime so that you too can bloom!


You're interested in learning the truth about natural detoxification processes - not gimmicky cleanses or teas. 

You're willing to implement proper nutrition to support hormone health.

You struggle with muscle/tendon issues, heavy/painful periods, hormonal imbalances, eye issues like dryness or visual disturbances, spasms, or digestive issues.

You are curious about the benefits of living in alignment with the natural harmony of the seasons. It's time to shake off winter and welcome SPRING! 

You struggle with feeling frustrated and angry OR timid and indecisive. Now you're wondering hey what's that got to do with spring? 🤔 (Join us live to find out!)


Why Seasonal Attunement?

Humans are the most removed from our natural environment & rhythm today than ever before in history. You can probably feel this in your daily life. And if that doesn't sit right with you then it's time to learn how to live in harmony with the changing seasons. 

Chinese Medicine has it figured out- the foundation for the healing is based on the seasons and their corresponding elements. Basically - you CAN'T be at your optimal health UNLESS you're living with the seasons!

Springtime Nutrition

As the weather warms up you might notice that your body is asking you for different foods than in the winter. We will explore the energetic and nutritional properties of foods that support liver function and cultivate energy to support your body's "spring cleaning".

Acupressure for Detoxification

The simplest remedy with powerful results! Did you know you can perform acupressure at home (or literally anywhere)?! You'll learn about points specific for supporting your body's detoxification pathways and liver. 

Emotional Support 

Spring is a time of hope and renewal! We love the longer days and warmer weather, but sometimes we get anxious, stuck, or feel hopeless...and that's okay too. We are going to dive into the emotions associated with spring and talk about nutrition & lifestyle changes as medicine for emotional processing.