Hormonal Birth Control Recovery

This Masterclass is all about supporting your body while recovering from hormonal birth control.

Join Caitria for the Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective on what your body needs as it adjusts to hormonal changes.

Learn practical methods to reduce side effects, stay balanced, and align with your rhythms.

Let's discover what to expect from your body and how to replenish, repair, and rebalance after hormonal birth control.


You're ready to stop taking hormonal birth control but you're nervous about how it will make you feel.

You struggle with ANY of the side effects of hormonal birth control like bloating, migraines, weight changes, depression, anxiety, fatigue, acne, appetite changes, irregular periods. 

You're want to learn how to gently support and nourish your system as it undergoes a pretty dramatic transition. 

You are willing to reconnect with your natural hormonal rhythms.

You want to know how to manage contraception and pesky  symptoms after hormonal birth control.

What your body needs to make this transition as smooth as possible

Hormones are major players in countless bodily functions. You're likely to experience some discomfort when your body relearns how to modulate its own hormonal balance without synthetic intervention.

We'll talk about how hormonal birth control affects your equilibrium, how to undo the damage, AND keep it as easy as possible.

Nutrients & Minerals Depleted by Hormonal Birth Control

Did you know that hormonal birth control depletes essential vitamins and minerals? Your doctor probably didn't mention that. We'll cover how to replenish those nutrients and keep you balanced!

Non-Hormonal Birth Control Options

So you decided to come off hormonal birth control. Maybe you need another option for contraception. We will discuss the pro's and con's of non-hormonal birth control.

How to Reconnect With Your Natural Hormonal Rhythms 

Hormones shouldn't bring you down and you shouldn't have to fight against them! We'll talk about how to read your rhythms and use your cycles to work for you...NOT against you!