How to Lower Your Toxic Load (& Why You Should Care)


Featuring the Masterclass and the Guidebook

The Masterclass & Guidebook are all about practical methods for reducing your toxic load. Join Caitria for the TCM perspective on the true meaning of detoxification and how to (realistically) audit your lifestyle for toxins.  It's time to learn how to stop being fearful of toxins and make REALISTIC CHANGES that HELP!


This class if for you if....

1. You're confused about what "detoxing" really means. You want an in-depth understanding of the body's natural detoxification process.

2. You struggle with headaches, anxiety, allergies, poor skin, digestive trouble, low immunity, insomnia, migraines, fatigue, muscle aches, inflammation, poor memory, or brain fog. 

3. You're ready to make changes for your body, family, and home to reduce exposure to every-day toxins. 

4. You want more energy, smoother digestion, resilient immune function, improved fertility & periods.

5. You want to start planting the seeds of long term optimal health today!

What you'll learn...

How to Spot (& Stop Falling For) Detox Gimmicks

There are SO many products available that are marketed and sold as "detox" teas, pills, etc. Many are unregulated, ineffective, and possibly even unsafe. We will cover detox gimmick red flags so you know what to avoid. 

How Your Body's Natural Detoxification Processes Work

Guess what! Your body is super intelligent and resilient. It has complex systems in place that protect your system through detox pathways.  We will discuss the wonders of what happens when you fortify these systems naturally.

How to Take Inventory of Your Toxic Load

Have no fear! We will discuss the 3 A’s to lower toxic load:

  • Avoid: what harmful substances can you realistically avoid.
  • Adjust: exposures that you can’t completely avoid.
  • Accept: that some things are out of your control.

"Common Offender" ingredients

Empowers yourself with knowledge about what common ingredients to avoid. 

Non-toxic product recommendations

When you're ready to make the switch to non-toxic products - I've vetted some favorites for you!

How to audit your daily life for toxic products

Featuring a "day in the life" guide to audit your daily lifestyle for toxins. 

AND how to do it all without losing your sanity!