TCM Seasonal Attunement for Winter Masterclass

TCM Seasonal Attunement for Winter:

This masterclass is for you if...

❄️You dread winter, you're tired of being tired, and you want to help your body harmonize with this season

❄️You struggle with low back pain, knee pain, infertility, chronic fatigue, sluggish digestion, low libido, hair thinning/loss, hearing loss, dental issues, bladder issues, excessive fear, or lack of willpower

❄️You want an in-depth understanding of food energetics and how to eat seasonally - as nature intended

❄️You want more energy, smoother digestion, resilient immune function, improved fertility & periods

❄️You want to start planting the seeds of long term optimal health today

We’ll cover...

👉🏼 What is Seasonal Attunement?

Seasons have a profound cyclical effect on human health & wellbeing. Learning to support your body's needs in Winter can help you alleviate symptoms, improve immune function, avoid illness AND is the key to longevity according to Traditional Chinese Medicine. In this class, we'll explore the TCM perspective of the Winter season & how to support your body so you can thrive.

👉🏼Navigating Winter Naturally

Winter can leave us feeling low & slow both physically and mentally. We will be covering what to eat/drink and what NOT to eat/drink in order to help your body handle the cold weather with ease.

You'll also learn how to make simple shifts to your lifestyle in order to live in alignment with the energy of winter (it’s WAY easier than you’d expect)

👉🏼Natural Strategies & Tools

You can survive the winter with ease using acupressure, nutrition therapy, simple lifestyle shifts, and more! You'll walk away from this masterclass armed with strategies to address the TCM root cause of knee/lower back pain, hearing loss, hair loss, dental issues, low libido, infertility, excessive fear & insecurity and more!