Immune Mastery for Kids Masterclass

Your child’s immune system is growing with them and, not surprisingly, is impacted by many of the same factors that influence our adult immune systems.

As a parent, you would do anything to protect your child from sickness because it is so hard to see them uncomfortable.

It SO more important to consider the factors (stress, diet, sleep, and more) that create your child’s immunity. Nutrition plays a key role in fortifying your child’s immune system.

This course includes:

-What to do when your child gets sick.

-How to use acupressure for immune support.

-How to make lifestyle shifts to support your child's immune system.

-Common mistakes to avoid in order to keep your child(ren) healthy.

-How to use food as immune support for kids.

-How Chinese herbs can be used to prevent and treat pediatric illness.

-What items to keep in your natural medicine cabinet.

-Warning signs of low immunity to watch for.