Navigating Mental Health Naturally Masterclass

What are your emotions telling you about your life and your body? When your emotions arise - how do you respond? 

Chinese medicine looks at the quality of the emotions and ties them to both nature and the human.


Navigating mental health naturally means awareness and mindfulness. It is the willingness to get quiet and observe what is coming up. It is about developing emotional resilience, active stress reduction, and non-superficial self care.

Did you know there is acupressure for emotional processing?


Want to learn more about  TCM correspondences between emotions and organs? Learn how to shift your mindset and perspective? Engage in no-fluff meaningful self care? Be at peace with your emotions? 


This course includes:

-What your emotions are telling you about your life & body.

-What you actually need to know about emotion & stress.

-What lies you can stop believing about mental health.

-How to shift your mindset & perspective so you can THRIVE.

-How to become emotionally resilient.

-How to use acupressure for emotional processing.

-How to engage in self care.