How to Fortify Your Immune System So Sickness Doesn't Scare You

When you hear “immune system” the first thing you probably think of is sickness. The immune system’s job is to fight pathogens and keep us healthy. In Western medicine there is a focus on disease treatment and less on prevention.


But do you only think about immune function as it relates to only sickness? It's time to dig deeper than making mediocre lifestyle choices and expecting our immune system to pick up the slack.


Make conscious decisions every day to support your immune system. So when it comes time to fight off sickness or disease - it's ready! Sickness shouldn’t scare you. You shouldn’t live in fear of germs, disease, or illness. You should live in a way that supports your constitution through a practical, healthy lifestyle. 

This course includes:

-Understanding & redefining the immune system.

-Western Vs Chinese perspective on immunity.

-What really matters when it comes to immune function.

-Understanding TCM organ involvement in immunity.

-Basic Acupressure points for immunity.

-How to reframe the way you think about sickness.

-How to live in a way that aligns with your highest health.