About Lizette

Education and Credentials

Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine

Bachelor of Science in Oriental Nutrition

Wisconsin Medical Board Licensed Acupuncturist



Post Graduate Specialization

Pain Management

Neuropathy Treatment

Migraine Treatment


More About Lizette

As a young girl I loved hearing about the old-fashioned remedies my grandmother and other elderly family members used throughout their lives. I would write them down and tuck them away for safekeeping. I still use several and am always on the lookout for old books to add to my coveted collection.

When my kids were little, I also gained a healthy appreciation for homeopathic medicine. It was and still is a very effective form of medicine everywhere, but nothing grabbed my attention like the ancient art of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) did!

Like many of the patients I help now, I once suffered through bouts of debilitating back pain that left me in agony, often bed ridden for days. Our “modern allopathic medicine” limited my relief and my options to muscle relaxers, prescription pain meds and/or surgery. I was far from satisfied with those choices so I got a little crazy…I decided to try Acupuncture and am glad I did! Not only did I get relief; it changed the trajectory of my entire future.

My new journey began in 2000, the same year we all entered the New Millennium. I enrolled in the very demanding, accelerated program of Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine earning my Master’s Degree three long years later.

Upon graduation, I was fortunate to be offered a supervisory position within the college campus clinic. Here I helped student interns apply their textbook knowledge into safe, therapeutic treatment plans performed on real patients. Ironically, I was both teaching and being taught by many gifted complementary care professionals enrolled to enhance their credentials.

Looking back now, it’s hard to believe I’ve been in practice for nearly 20 years! Still not a day goes by I’m not genuinely amazed at the power of this ancient medicine! Many patients I’ve seen over the years achieved results they never dreamt possible and quite frankly, some outcomes even surprised me! Why does it work? Because our bodies innately seek balance. It wants to find harmony. It wants to run smoothly and efficiently; my job is to use TCM protocols to clear the obstructed pathway.

The best way to nudge you forward is to share one of my favorite expressions; “Acupuncture works whether you believe in it, or not.” Skeptics are always welcome; I would be honored to help you along your own journey towards better health and wellness.