Healing Can Happen From Any Distance


Location shouldn't stop you from getting your healing started!

Caitria blends her knowledge of many modalities of healing to create a comprehensive model of care delivered virtually. This includes Traditional Chinese Medicine, holistic & Chinese nutrition, phototherapy (light therapy), energy medicine, and herbalism.

Caitria is a conduit for deep, all-encompassing healing, equipping patients with the knowledge and tools to confidently take charge of their own health by stepping into their innate healing power.

Connected Healing

“Caitria is great! I did remote sessions with her for my son after conventional medicine had us going through test after test and ER visits with no success but plenty of meds! She thoroughly listened and jumped right in with what to start with. It’s awesome about 1 month later to see my son improving with diet change and acupressure! She is great with quick response when I have urgent questions. Totally recommend Caitria!”